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Australian photography: changing the lens

As some of Australia’s long-standing photographic institutions bid farewell, others are thriving. This might signal a revolution.


Yes to visibility and queer (re)tellings

Authentic narratives are vital for equality, and art can empower these voices and their retelling of history.


Vale Robert MacPherson

Closing a long career, Brisbane artist Robert MacPherson leaves an incredible legacy of weaving the conceptional with the everyday.


Why local engagement is key in repatriating cultural artifacts

Community-based initiatives in culture and heritage help break down colonial power structures at home and abroad, say Meaghan Peuramaki-Brown and…


Landscape photographers reinvented the colonial project in Australia

Colonial Australia was a product of vision and imagery: literally developed through chemicals, glass and light, says Jarrod Hore.

A gallery filled with plant specimens in glass containers

Environmental art with activist bite

As world leaders struggle to put climate change up front, we look at artists whose work shows they are miles…

Woman in tartan jacket on a plain background
Career Advice

Director’s farewell as MCA turns 30

As the MCA celebrates its 30th anniversary, we spoke to departing director of 22-years, Liz Ann Macgregor on legacy and…

a huge gallery ground floor space with visitors looking at artworks

State gallery relaunch to mark new era

Major renovations and fresh artistic vision is placing WA’s state gallery in a new light.


Artists giving materials a new life

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of National Recycling Week, artists play a role in calling for more sustainable practices.


How a festival's legacy shifts perception

With 1.4 million people having attended Tarnanthi since its inception, ArtsHub takes a look at the festival’s impact in shifting…

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