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How the arts excel at communicating big ideas

The distinctions between law and justice are explored in a new Street Theatre production inspired by the capture of drug…


Long term COVID impacts beset sector

The cumulative impact of repeated cancellations and lost work opportunities will affect the sector for years to come.


Theatre provides critical platform for youth resistance

Two theatre works stand out to amplify the voices of young people and share how they want to shape the…


How to make your tour greener

A new toolkit will help performing arts companies reduce the environmental impact of their tours.

Two female performers onstage in front of a yellow stage cutrain

Why is confessional theatre so hot right now?

Is a recent wave of confessional-style theatre revealing defining themes of our times?


How are commercial shows faring post-COVID?

While stadium gigs and major musicals have returned, show business must jump hurdles to bring us the biggest names in…

Muddy brown water dominiates the phot, which shows a theatre half-sumerged by floods.

Northern Rivers companies focus on flood recovery

After devastating floods at the end of February, artists and arts organisations in the Northern Rivers are now focused on…


Hate crime inspires new oratorio

The 50th anniversary of the drowning of Dr Duncan will be commemorated in a new composition at this year’s Adelaide…


Why drama is the most important school subject

As students return to school, drama offers space to reconnect, but it’s also where vital life skills are learned.


Playing a part beyond allyship with Black Brass

By recentring the African experience in an Australian context, this production suggests new models of participation and reciprocity.

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