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Can NFTs ‘do good’ for theatre?

Turns out one NFT community has a $10M funding pool, and here is how Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is making…


What should a new Australian anthem sound like?

And what has table tennis got to do with it? Hip hop artist DENNI teamed up with puppet company Terrapin…


How to make your tour greener

A new toolkit will help performing arts companies reduce the environmental impact of their tours.

a giant puppet made of wire being manipulated by puppeteers in a park at night

Puppet theatre knows no bounds

The efforts of WA's Spare Parts Puppet Theatre over four decades proves the powerful contribution small to medium companies make…


Celebrating 40 years of Terrapin

Four decades on, Tasmania's beloved puppet company is thriving.


Rebuilding the performing arts: an economist weighs in

One of Australia's best economics brains looks at the good and bad news for the arts as a keynote at…


15 years of amplifying Tasmanian voices

Established in 2006, Tasmania Performs remains agile and responsive, and dedicated to developing Tasmanian artists and showcasing their stories to…


The art of the impossible: International collaboration during COVID

Companies collaborating with Irish and New Zealand colleagues tell us how their productions are forging ahead despite the pandemic. Dogged…


Taking the pulse of Australian puppetry

Puppetry has featured prominently in recent mainstage productions including Storm Boy and King Kong, but how healthy is the sector…

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Puppets, politics and the internet

Are the arts taken seriously in Australia? This seems to be an eternal debate, that can only be judged by…