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Career Advice

Anti-resolutions: 10 things to embrace in 2022

Sometimes it is the anti-resolution - the least well-kept goal that best projects us forward.


Celebrating the digital pivots of 2021

From phoenix festivals to million dollar fairs, the year ushered another wave of innovators turning challenges into opportunities.


The headlines that made 2021

Need a recap on the year that was? Here’s a handy summary of 2021's major news stories to reflect upon…

A typewriter with test on paper reading 2021

10 words that made 2021

Vaxxed, NFTs and so many more new words this year – no wonder we wanted to disappear into the metaverse.


Exit interview: Shelagh Magadza, Chamber of Arts and Culture WA

A turbulent three years working in arts advocacy has given Shelagh Magadza unique perspectives on where the sector can go…


Big career moves in 2021

Covid has been a period for recalibrating and pivoting, which for some has meant moving on from significant roles leading…


NFTs: A year in review

A recap on the most confusing art development of the year.


Why sustaining an arts career is so hard

Arts jobs can be exhausting and precarious. How do we find decent work, asks researcher Kate Power?

A figure in the centre of 2 buildings.

Uncertain future for Cockatoo Island

Will the bureaucratic 'swings and roundabouts' determining Cockatoo Island's use be a boon or a bust for the arts?

An open book on a table with a cup of coffee and reading glasses

Ten 2021 books deserving a spot in the sun

As you compile your summer reading list, here are some underrated Australian books published in 2021.

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