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A tale of two Darwin Festival Artistic Directors

Outgoing Artistic Director Felix Preval and incoming AD Kate Fell sit down together to discuss programming, population, and the unique…


How to start and maintain an inspiration board

Starting with what inspires you might be the best way to get your ideas moving from fantasy to reality.

Two artists sit on the studio floor, looking at a laptop and smiling. A vibrant painting sits on an easel behind them and picture frames and paintbrushes are scattered around them.
Career Advice

What we wish we’d known when we started working in the arts

Artists and arts workers from across the country offer up advice for their younger selves regarding the things they wish…

Career Advice

Tips for launching your creative career

A compilation of resources and insights from working professionals to help you get a start in your creative career.

Two people at an outside table with a laptop talking through a project
Career Advice

5 essential skills all arts managers need

Experienced arts professionals reveal the management skills they rely on most to succeed in their jobs.

Career Advice

Do we need more artists on boards?

Slowly, visual arts organisations have been including practicing artists on their boards and councils. What does that look like?

Career Advice

Internships: valuable work experience or glorified volunteering? 

Before you go chasing an internship hoping for on-the-job training, there are many factors to consider.

Career Advice

Does passion really spring eternal?

What happens when the passion runs dry in your creative project, The Big Idea's Verity Johnson asks?

Arts media pitch
Career Advice

5 tips for pitching to the media

Rather than taking a blanket approach, making each of your pitches count results in a better chance at media coverage.

Australian Queens Honours Day medals

Yet again, the arts barely make the Queen’s Birthday Honours

Who made the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for 2022? We take a look at this years accolades.

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