What can arts venues do to encourage your return?

From social distance rules to stricter hygiene measures, we asked readers what the best strategies venues can utalise to encourage your return.

With the thought of local travel and the return to arts venues on Australian minds, ArtsHub asked you, our reader, your thoughts for our latest poll, and the results are in.

Captured between 4-11 June, we asked: What is the most important strategy arts venues need to demonstrate to encourage you to return?

According to our readers, the most important strategy for venues to utalise is, ‘limiting the amount of people indoors,’ with 37.7% of respondents finding the fewer people within a venue would encourage their return.

A responded suggested:Social distancing regarding seating and control in foyers.’ With another respondent noting that venues need to ensure the audience number is, ‘appropriate to the space.’

18% of respondents also flagged improvements in a venue’s cleaning measures as another important strategy, with some respondents suggesting that it, ‘was optimal in a return strategy’. Others said they would put off attending arts venues, ‘if there is a spike or any galleries are found to be hotspots for new cases.’

This is particularly relevant as many galleries and art museums opened their doors this week.

Cleaning remained a constant point across survey comments. One respondent added that, ‘Cleaning: that all handles, toilets etc. are wiped over every hour with eucalyptus cleaner, not a chemical.’

Also asking ‘sick patrons’ not to attend the venues was a plus,’ while another mentioned that ‘good ventilation,’ was also encouraging.

Improved and visible social distance signage came in as the third most important strategy with 14.9% of respondents mentioning this plan.

Other poll numbers show that allocated visiting times was a draw card at 10.7%, and finding a vaccine at 6.7% was some of the other poll respondents concerns. 

‘Having to line up to attend the art gallery, as there would be a limit of people inside the building, it would be preferred to book in to see the gallery or exhibitions,’ a respondent suggested.

We also asked our readers: If the venue demonstrates this, when will you likely return?

Poll results strongly showed that 56.6% of respondents would return immediately, or as soon as the venue opened.

22.5% of respondents said they would return to arts venues within one month, and 11.5% said they would return within three months. And 5.1% said they would return within six months with 1.5% of respondents only returning when there is a vaccine for Covid-19.

This is valuable data for any arts organisation at this juncture, not only in terms of planning their opening date but also in terms of program offerings.

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