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The ArtsHubbub – ArtsHub's monthly podcast takes a look inside Australian arts, and the minds of Australian artists. Each episode ArtsHub will unpack the ideas of artists and hear what’s shaped their practice.

Episode 16: Circus and the art of community

The trust and rapport between circus performers is clearly visible on stage. Offstage, such bonds connect a troupe’s members with a global community of circus artists as well as one another. In this episode of The ArtsHubbub, Jascha Boyce and Lachlan Binns from acclaimed Adelaide company Gravity and Other Myths talk about the importance of connection, making art in lockdown, and the popularity of Australian circus on the world stage.

Episode 15: Taking art and life to the extremes

How far will you go for your art? For her latest book, journalist Jenny Valentish spoke to performance artists, body builders, ballerinas and neuroscientists about testing their limits and going beyond them. In Everyone Harder than Everyone Else, Jenny looks at people who keep stretching their boundaries for greater art, to test themselves, or just for the thrill of it.

Episode 14: Arts education, change and creativity

We speak to Associate Professor Rick Chew, pianist, composer and academic, about how arts careers can evolve in unexpected ways and how studying the arts is shifting with the ‘new normal’. We hear how Rick himself performed to the ghosts of Her Majesty’s Theatre during COVID, and how music helped him cope with loss and lockdown.

This episode is supported by Federation University’s Arts Academy.

Episode 13: Ilbijerri Theatre turns 30

For three decades now, Ilbijerri – an Indigenous theatre company – has presented some of Australia’s most important productions. On their anniversary, we spoke to Artistic Director Rachael Maza about how the company has had time to reflect during COVID, where they’re going next and her own journey from actor to leader. A full transcript of the podcast is available on our website

Episode 12: Centring disability in the arts with Carly Findlay

In this episode, activist and author Carly Findlay joins us to discuss the book Growing Up Disabled in Australia. She talks about eliminating the barriers to accessible arts and explains how she created the media guidelines for reporting on disabled people. A full transcript of the podcast is available on our website

Episode 11: Visions 2020 with Sophie Cunningham

Acclaimed writer and editor Sophie Cunningham reflects on hope, the climate crisis, and the ways that writing can help reconnect us with the planet. In the lead up to our Visions 2020 conference, Cunningham also tells us how leaning into her concerns has kept her sane throughout this truly turbulent year.

Episode 10: The Not-in-Transit Lounge: Travelling for art with Peter Drew

From residencies to touring your work, art is fuelled by travel. But COVID has clipped all of our wings and forced us to create from the couch. We look at how artists have had to adapt their travel and how going away can give a new perspective on your own culture.

Executive Director of Res Artis Eliza Roberts talks about the impact of COVID on arts residencies, choreographer Natasha Sturgis explains the pros and cons of creating work virtually, author Craig Silvey tells us how he promoted his new book without leaving the state and artist Peter Drew reminisces on travelling to the UK and how travel shaped his practice.

Episode 9: The Voice of Experience with Uncle Jack Charles

In a culture which fetishes youth, The ArtsHubbub takes time out to value experience, celebrate age, and honour wisdom. We learn about the difference between getting older and being an elder, discover how elders reconnect us with culture, and discuss the importance of sharing your experience with younger artists. Featuring Uncle Jack Charles, N’arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AM, Annette Shun Wah and Tony Barry.

Episode 8: The Gift of Giving: volunteering, crowd-funding and philanthropy in the arts

The arts can be supported in many ways including financially, volunteering, and everything in between. Whether you’re setting up a crowdfunding campaign, considering becoming a volunteer or simply want to learn more about philanthropy, there’s a lot to get your head around, which is why this episode of The ArtsHubbub examines giving in all its forms.

Anita Clayton tells us how volunteering has enriched her life and Volunteering Australia’s Mark Pearce discusses the role volunteers play in the arts. We also look at the importance of developing honest relationships with Creative Partnerships Australia’s CEO Fiona Menzies, while Carrillo Gantner (former Chair of the Sidney Myer Fund) tells us why donors want to get to know artists. Finally, we also have a few tips about getting a crowdsourcing campaign off the ground with Pozible’s Alan Crabbe.

Episode 7: Arts for all

In the seventh episode of The ArtsHubbub we look at how the arts can support all artists regardless of their cultural background or their level of ability. We wanted to hear directly from artists and arts leaders who are working to make our sector more equitable, more diverse. We know there are more voices to hear from and many more issues to unpack; this episode aims to start a conversation for arts organisations rather than being the final word on the matter.

Episode 6: Business as unusual

Artists and arts organisations have had to be resourceful, innovative and resilient when changing their business practices because of COVID-19. In episode six of The Arts Hubbub we speak with an artistic director, a musician, the co-founder of a performing arts platform and a tech entrepreneur, to see how they’ve adapted to the challenges the lockdown has brought.

Episode 5: Situation critical

Art criticism is one of those spikey topics that we both love and hate. While we collectively bemoan the state of the critical voice in Australia, we also – collectively – have a role to play in growing and shaping the direction that art criticism can, and should, take in developing careers. While social media criticism abounds, the role good criticism has become even more valuable.

Episode 4: Artists in COVID-19 lockdown 

How are artists coping with coronavirus? We talk to comedian Josh Earl about keeping performance alive with his podcast, getting audiences to pay for digital content and how Zoom won’t ever replace live gigs. Writer Donna Ward reflects on embracing solitude, finding your isolation project and panic-buying before it was even a thing. ACMI’s Seb Chan opens up about moving his team to working from home, what a post-COVID-19 future could look like and the exhausting intensity of videoconferencing. Plus Dr Jane Miskovic-Wheatley from the Arts Wellness Collective talks about how we can maintain our mental health and take the pressure off while we stay at home. 

Episode 3: How can we recover?

How do we repair after loss and pain? After this past season of bushfires, and now with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a critical time to talk about how we mend ourselves, and our art practice, after tragedy. Comedian Judith Lucy talks to us about exploring family struggle and personal tragedy in her act, and how that’s affected her relationships. We talk to Ella Holcombe about regrowing her family after the devastation of the Black Saturday bushfires over a decade ago. Associate Professor Chris Fleming chats with us about the problem of using the term ‘recovery’ to describe a lifelong process surrounding addiction. While Jill Bennett talks us through the difference between recovery and repair in working through trauma.

Episode 2: Political activism: when do we want it? Now!

Visual artist Badiucao speaks out on the power paste-up activism in the face of China’s censorship of his art. Hear about how he makes the streets of Hong Kong his gallery, and creating art in the face of fear and oppression. For the Nudge, we went along to the climate change rally at the State Library of Victoria to find out how artists can be politically active and effective. We spoke to Jessie Ngaio, Lyndal Jones, Neil Pharaoh and Jeff Sparrow protesting and art’s ability to change our world. 

Episode 1: Where do ideas come from?

Writer Christos Tsiolkas talks writing practice, his studio and the inspiration for his new novel Damascus. In our monthly segment the Nudge, we explore where ideas come from with research psychologist Dr Maggie Webb, visual artist Shags and musician/performer Chris Endry. Plus our monthly round up of what’s hot in the arts in the upcoming months.

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