How can we support you during COVID-19?

The latest ArtsHub poll asked readers how we can offer support to you during COVID-19. We received a range of responses and will be taking your advice on board.

With the arts sector being decimated during the recent global pandemic, and the subsequent impact this has had on the broader arts economy, it’s no surprise that Australian artists, arts workers and arts organisations want more access to news and government support.

In our fourth reader poll we asked: How can ArtsHub support you during COVID-19?

The answer was almost split. Readers said that they were still grappling with the tiers and access to government support and wanted more tips on how to move through the quagmire.  Coming in almost on par was an expressed need to continue the roll out of arts news on the pressing needs readers face today.

Tips on Government support

As outlined in the graph above the majority of readers (30.1%) responded that they would like more tips on government support.

Previously we’ve written articles on both the JobKeeper and JobSeeker packages and it’s clear that you want more information and tips on how to negotiate funding and resources from both state and federal governments during this time.Read: JobKeeper payment for sole traders: what you need to know

We also have a detailed section on the site listing available grants which you can respond to, searchable by state, artform and more

These are some of the short form responses received on how readers would like to receive information on government support.

  • Ways to lobby federal government to increase funding to arts and more support for artists; ie, inclusion in JobKeeper allowance.
  • More criticism on lack of government support
  • Advocating for review of arts and art worker support by COVID-19 senate inquiry

More arts news

The second biggest response from our poll (29.1%) was a request for more arts news. We had 10% of  respondents who replied to the short form answer section requesting free access of content. We’ve currently unlocked all COVID-19 related stories on the site so non-members can keep up with news of the pandemic and how it’s affecting artists, practitioners and organisations across the sector.

Ways to adapt my arts practice or organisation

26.1% of those who replied to our poll said they wanted tips on how to adapt their work or business practices in the time of COVID-19.10% of those who answered the short form response requested more information on jobs including, a broader range of industries and opportunities.

Respondents who wanted more information on adapting their arts practices wrote:

  • Career advancement, artist practice workshops
  • How to build resilient arts businesses that can survive now and thrive into the future
  • Innovative ways to pivot art careers 

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