Bigger, better, stronger: says new Arts Hub Chairman

Arts Hub founders Fiona Boyd and David Eedle have sold the company to someone whose interests it could be argued, lie more in business than the creative sectors. New owner Simon Baker has been listed in the Top 20 Young Rich List, with a recent Bulletin magazine profiling his many business achievements. Find out why an ex McKinsey and News Limited businessman has found time for the arts.
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For Arts Hub readers who have been loyal members of the website for the past six years, the story of how ex-ABC Radio producer Fiona Boyd and ex-Bendigo Arts Centre Director David Eedle, saw an opportunity to provide Australia’s creative sectors a common space online, is a popular one. One of the company’s earliest memories was of Boyd and Eedle working from home with two young children under four – one bouncing on top of the photocopier as they worked into the night sending out Arts Hub bulletins.

What was different however about the Boyd-Eedle model, particularly for the Australian arts scene, was that theirs was and has always been a business brief. Arts Hub was created in the belief that it would be a financial success despite existing in what is notoriously, and perhaps inaccurately perceived as, a non-fiscally rich sector.

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Rita Dimasi
About the Author
Rita Dimasi is an Arts Hub reviewer.