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Ceramic pot by Paul Davis in gallery

Exhibition review: Paul Davis, Sturt Gallery

When timeless tradition finds an Australian inflection.


Shoalhaven shines for cultural tourism

Rediscover Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon along with 7 art trails just hours from Sydney.


Expansion project reimagines Gallery for a brand new audience

Newcastle Art Gallery has finally embarked on their long-awaited expansion, and the best is yet to come.


They said no, but we still bought the building

How a regional community of artists cemented its future.


Exhibition Review: John Olsen Goya's Dog, Ngununggula

A fresh take on touring iconic artist John Olsen, adding regional connections


Theatre review: A Flying Photon

An award-winning science performer illuminates in her unique show about particle physics.


Brit who gets Australian placemaking right

Survey exhibition of British artist Bruce Munro, taps into unique Australian placemaking, from our Red Centre to our cities.


Could a purpose-built theatre strengthen Australia’s circus sector?

The proposed 100-seat Borderville Theatre will be specifically designed for circus performances.

Muddy brown water dominiates the phot, which shows a theatre half-sumerged by floods.

Northern Rivers companies focus on flood recovery

After devastating floods at the end of February, artists and arts organisations in the Northern Rivers are now focused on…


Exhibition review: From impulse to action, Bundanon

Curator Sophie O’Brien captures both the genesis and future of Bundanon as an important site for cultural production and experimentation.

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