The SandDragon’s Tail

LA MAMA: Curious Legends Theatre Company is no stranger to creating unique and imaginative theatre. 'The SandDragon’s Tail' is yet another example of their ability to communicate a rich and sumptuous visual feast to young and old alike.
The SandDragon’s Tail
Curious Legends Theatre Company is no stranger to creating unique and imaginative theatre. With a background in professional story-telling, acting, movement and music, and with performance titles like Haunted House, Once upon a Cloud, My Secret Home and Pobblebonk, The SandDragon’s Tail is yet another example of their ability to communicate a rich and sumptuous visual feast to young and old alike. So what is The SandDragon's Tail? In a nutshell The SandDragon's Tail is a mythical story that demonstrates the positive power of believing in the magic of life. Consisting of three main characters – Grandpa, his lovely young granddaughter Edi and a grumpy fisherman - The SandDragon's Tail follows the adventures of Edi as she plays on the beach with her earthbound kite. Trying in vain to get it to stay afloat, her wise and whimsical Grandpa tells her to make a ‘SandDragon’, like he did long ago. Not really knowing what a SandDragon is, but using her fanciful imagination to make one anyway, her new friend soon comes to life and goes on a magical adventure, helping whoever it comes into contact with by leaving just a small part of itself behind. This is not just a one dimensional story however, for intertwined with the performers’ captivating ability for story-telling, is their equally wonderful ability to play live music. With perfectly pitched a capella singing by talented jazz vocalist Angelie O’Brien (who also plays Edi), melodic Cello, flute and recorder by Mitchell Reese (who also plays the grumpy fisherman) and rhythmic percussion by Roland Fraval (who also plays Grandpa), the musical ensemble not only helps to keep the show exciting, but adds another element to the show’s mix of puppetry, dance and theatre. But that’s not all. Throw in a couple of aggressive seagulls with a penchant for stealing the audience’s belongings and squawking ‘mine’ (as seagulls do), a cheeky crab who likes to ‘bite’, and an element of Asian imagery, and you have a magical, enthralling and funny show that would make an excellent addition to any kids focused event or festival. By the way if you get caught out with the riddle like I did, it’s ok to laugh at yourself! La Mama for Kids is a regular program of performances for young people aged from 2 up to 12 years of age. Consisting of genres such as circus, puppetry, music, movement and story-telling, La Mama for kids is a great way to introduce your little boy or girl to the world of live theatre and the infamous La Mama Theatre at the same time. The next La Mama for kids is called Jack and Molly’s Christmas Show - December 18th @ 11am. For more information click HERE. The SandDragon’s Tail By Curious Legends Theatre Company at: The Carlton Courthouse (La Mama for kids) Written by Alexandra Day & Mitchell Reese Directed by Barbara Cizeweska Performed by Mitchell Reese, Roland Fraval & Angelie O’Brien For more information on The SandDragon’s Tail and Curious Legends click HERE.

Melynda von Derksen

Thursday 28 October, 2010

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