Terminator Salvation

Welcome again to the future - 'Terminator Salvation' - a grim gritty vision of one originally created by James Cameron.
Terminator Salvation
Terminator Salvation Welcome again to the future, a grim gritty vision of one originally created by James Cameron. This was a devastated world expertly brought to the screen in a time when computer science was in its relative infancy. Fear of the dire consequences brought on by creating technology with unlimited power bloomed from a dark seed in the collective consciousness. Who can ever forget the image of human solders crawling through the ruins of a dead city, while hunted by machines that crushed countless human skulls in their wake? Humans on the brink of destruction at the (metallic) hands of a soulless enemy. Humans with one hope, the man who would lead them to victory. A hope that could have been destroyed by the deadly cyborg whose presence spawned a cinematic phenomena. Directed by McG (Joseph McGinty) the Fourth instalment of this franchise delivers all the horror of a devastated future, but thanks ironically to advances made in technology since the 1984 blockbuster. For the first time we get to experience the Terminator future for the entire film in all its relentless glory, and considering that it's been a twenty five year wait for this we are not disappointed. One of the potential dangers of a movie with a big budget and an even bigger special effects output is that it can be all flash and no substance. Especially when essentials like smart dialogue and clever plotting are sidelined for screen shaking action. Thankfully it isn't the case as Terminator Salvation proves one can have it all. Aussie Sam Worthington in his Hollywood debut brings so much emotive talent that unfortunately he shows up Christian Bale as being a little wooden. My only criticism is that a lot of the original lines and even action sequences are rehashed for the film, bringing a bit more of groan from me rather then a nostalgic tingle. Though I've got to say at the end of the film we are treated to one of the best Terminator sequences, with a familiar face making an appearance. Also the act of 'Salvation' seemed to miss the mark despite the best intentions. All in all despite some flaws I was extremely impressed with what I saw. The future never looked so bleak which is, I'm sure, how James Cameron had originally intended it to feel. Terminator Salvation Release date Australia/NZ June 4th, 2009

Matthew Bolden

Wednesday 10 June, 2009

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