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ART ON THE MOVE encourages connections and fosters a sense of belonging, creativity and a greater understanding of ourselves and the world through visual art. We do this by touring quality contemporary art with appropriate learning and development opportunities that speak to and develop the unique cultural narratives of communities whatever the cultural practice, age, ability, and engagement with culture. 

ART ON THE MOVE is Western Australia's only organisation dedicated to touring contemporary visual art exhibitions across the regions, interstate and beyond.

To achieve this, we encourage: 

  • Innovative artistic practices to flourish as artists respond to environments and audiences through ART ON THE MOVE tours;
  • Artists and audiences to evolve and grow into each exhibition by creating challenging yet non-threatening environments to engage with and talk about art in meaningful and creative ways. In so doing break down the barriers to viewing and participating in arts and culture;
  • Adaptability in our work practices and approaches in response to needs of artists, venues and audiences, developing an agile culture whilst retaining strategic and financial intent; and
  • Compassion and understanding of the world by presenting and exploring universal themes that resonate at a local level.

ART ON THE MOVE's value lies in its ability to operate objectively on behalf of artists and galleries by offering a platform for the individual and collective voices that resonate in each locality as a means of preserving the unique voices of those areas. This is where the character of an area is defined, where meaning is made and identity created.

Artist VoiceART ON THE MOVE will foster and nurture the relationship between artist, community and audience through exhibitions and engagement activities that connect, inspire, enrich and activate.

Curatorial Voice: The curators' voice will encourage a dialogue that will add intellectual rigour and intent for each exhibition that encourages inquisitive thinking and a deeper understanding of each exhibition.

Community VoiceART ON THE MOVE will build audiences and a sense of belonging by working collaboratively to create engaging and inspiring pathways for participation and learning that connect people and communities in appropriate, meaningful and fun ways to explore the world through art.

Sustaining VoiceART ON THE MOVE will develop a strong infrastructure for the organisation and sector that will build capacity and achieve sustainable long term outcomes.

Image acknowledgements (clockwise from top left):  

1. Artist Martine Perret engaging with students as part of the Act-Belong-Commit Engagement Program for touring exhibition Ngala Wongga (Come Talk). Image courtesy Carnarvon Library and Gallery. 

2. ART ON THE MOVE touring exhibition Machines & Makers, artwork by Coral Lowry The Joy of the Pointy End, 2016 (detail). Photographer: Rebecca Mansell

3. Artist Miik Green presenting a community workshop at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries (BRAG) as part of touring exhibition BETA BLOCKER. Image courtesy BRAG

4. Participants condition reporting artworks at ART ON THE MOVE Professional Development Workshop. Image courtesy ART ON THE MOVE

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