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About Us

Founded in 2015 by John and Caroline Wood, the Centre for Stories is a vibrant, inclusive literary arts and cultural organisation. We use storytelling to inspire social cohesion and improve understanding of diverse communities. We matter because stories matter; and stories matter because people matter. Stories are the way we connect with each other and make a difference to the lives of the people closest to us.

Centre for Stories cultivates stories that inspire thought, spark empathy, and challenge intolerance. Our focus is on empowering people whose experiences and perspectives are often marginalised. This includes refugees, migrants, people of colour, sexual minorities, the elderly, and people with disabilities. We curate and present high-quality stories from these groups and promote excellent craft, unique perspectives, and artistic value. We are committed to developing storytelling for long-term community benefits. When disempowered people benefit, we all benefit.

Centre for Stories belongs to the people of Perth and holds up a mirror for our community to see its true reflection. We exist so that the marginalised, invisible, and silenced can see themselves. We work for the ones who were never seen, who are hidden in darkness, who are unable to realise their true importance. With them we see beauty, harmony, and good feeling in a vibrant, welcoming, and meaningful way that stays with others throughout their daily lives.

What We Do

Our services are aimed at helping individuals and organisations tell stories that engage, inform, and influence. The Centre provides a variety of services and amenities to people, community groups, government agencies, and the corporate sector. These include:

  • Storytelling training
  • Print, online, audio, and video-storytelling production services
  • Professional development training for teachers, writers, and oral storytellers
  • Mentoring for emerging practitioners
  • Storytelling services for not-for-profits and corporates

We have worked with the Department of Health, Youth Link, North Metropolitan Adult Migrant Education Program, City of Wanneroo, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Curtin University, and others.

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