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The Artful Dodgers Studios (ADS) was established in 1996 using art as the hook to engage ‘at risk’ young people, making it one of the longest running Community Cultural Development (CCD) programs in the State. It is one of Jesuit Social Services flagship programs and an integral part of Jesuit Community College offerings.

Based in Collingwood the program offers a flexible and welcoming space for young people to work in fully equipped art and music studios with experienced artists and musicians in order to increase social connectedness, self esteem, foundation and employability skills and re engage positively in the learning process. Young people can choose whether to engage in a short course, one on one mentoring, drop in to the open access studios to work on individual or collaborative projects or a combination of these based on readiness.

The Artful Dodgers Studios is all about art and music. The studios consist of safe and vibrant art spaces where ‘at risk’ young people can develop their artistic skills, and be recognised as cultural contributors and decision makers about their arts practice.

Participants can choose where, what, when and how they will engage and this element of choice is integral to young people’s sense of empowerment, maintaining control over their own stories, artistic output and solutions. Dodgers artists sit with, work with, model and engage in a discourse that encourages young people to strive for artistic excellence.

We flex to meet the needs of the young people who attend the studios. We encourage experimentation, exploration and an exchange of ideas and offer a range of tools, techniques, methods and application across a range of disciplines. We offer choice in a range of mediums including (but not limited to) painting, drawing, stencil and street art, sculpture, printmaking, filmmaking, photography, animation, digital art, web design, music, writing, recording and sound design.

ADS have developed a sustained-engagement model specifically for young people who are extremely fragile and/or marginalised. Underpinning this sustained-engagement model is the importance of relationship and it remains at the core of our philosophy. Social outcomes are achieved through developing trust, modelling positive and healthy relationships, and being able to provide referrals to wrap-around support services when and if required. ADS is a safe and creative cultural haven to explore identity beyond risk factors, and encourages the development of artistic skills and the realisation of unique stories and visions.

Dissemination of our practice is achieved via publications, forums and workshops to stimulate further dialogue about CCD practice and to ensure we are refine our own practice. Three outstanding publications from the studios are; Risking Art: Art for Survival 2000; Engaging Art: A Theoretical Model of Practice 2003; and Out Of My Head 2010.

Exhibiting and performing opportunities are fundamental to what we do as this form of civic engagement is extremely empowering for young people who are often, unfortunately and mistakenly, viewed and judger as ‘takers’ rather that ‘givers.’ We believe all young people arrive at the studios as cultural contributors and that their voices should be expressed, heard and valued.

If you are interested in finding out more about the studios or would like a tour please contact us:
The Artful Dodgers Studios 1 Langridge Street PO Box 1141 Collingwood VIC 3066

Tel: 03 9415 8700 Fax: 03 9415 7733
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