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Experimenta is Australia’s leading organisation dedicated to commissioning, exhibiting and touring contemporary art driven by technology.

We commission some of the world’s most adventurous contemporary artists working with technology in unexpected and unconventional ways. We champion new ideas about technology, explore the creative possibilities and unearth emerging artforms.

Experimenta’s programs are quite unlike anything else and redefine what art can be, including bio art, creative coding, robotics, data-driven works, virtual and augmented reality. We work with established and emerging artists and provide a vital platform for them to collaborate with experts in other fields (scientists, researchers, engineers, architects and technologists), to realise ambitious, daring and complex projects. We are not bound by traditional artforms and we bring very different people into arts practice.

Since its inception in 1986, Experimenta has developed a worldwide reputation for fostering creativity that extends the aesthetic, conceptual and experiential potential of new art forms. As an organisation that continues to support new and emerging forms of contemporary practice, Experimenta is recognised as a leading hub of experimental art in Australia.

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Image credits:  [1] Experimenta Make Sense, featuring artwork by Judy Watson. Photo by Jessie Jane, courtesy of The Lock Up. [2] The Art and Consequence of Collaboration, featuring artwork by Joyce Hinterding. Photo by Zan Wimberley, courtesy of UTS Gallery. [3] Experimenta Make Sense, featuring artwork by Steve Berrick. Photo by Photo Josef Ruckli, courtesy of State Library of Queensland. [4] Experimenta Social, featuring artist Cat Jones. Photo by Charlie Kinross, courtesy of ACMIX. [5] Experimenta Make Sense, featuring artwork by Ella Barclay. Photo by Theresa Harrison.

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