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Would you like to foster a more innovative culture?
Bring Creative Innovation into your organisation and make the extraordinary possible!

Creative Universe and Creative Innovation Global are excited to custom design co-branded special events and conferences for major corporations and government organisations. Our goal is to help you develop creative capabilities, agile leaders, build aligned teams and stakeholders and a culture of innovation that helps you to leapfrog your competitors!

From one keynote to one and two day programs of speakers, performers and master classes, we will design a relevant, engaging and cutting-edge program to transform your organisation andinspire your most important asset: your people.

We will assist  your organisation in understanding and preparing for rapid change and disruption.
We will show you how to foster diversity and community and unleash the potential of individuals and teams.

Clients include AGL, AON, BCG, David Jones, Department of Defence, McKinsey & Co, Veolia, NAB, BHP and Spotlight, universities, schools, Councils, NFPs and other government organisations.

Our channels for change include Creative Innovation Global, Inspiring Minds creative leadership, capability and team building programs, Tania de Jong AM and other inspirational keynote speakers, outstanding Australian group Pot-Pourri and MTA Entertainment & Events production company. We support Creativity Australia‘s transformational With One Voice social inclusion programs.

Creative Universe is about what has never been…the art of possibility!

Creative Universe is about what has never been…the art of possibility!

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