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In 1992 John Paxinos was having a conversation with Wendy Hamilton from Arts Victoria, who was bemoaning the fact that they had recently funded an artist to present a new work and the whole project had run off the rails. The budget was in disarray and there was a messy workcover claim to deal with.

In response to this need Auspicious Arts Project Inc was established,  with our role being to assist artists undertaking projects within the arts. Our intention was to create a role where artists working with Auspicious would have all the protection and advantages of working with a larger organisation while still remaining independent and in control of their work. Auspicious offers financial and administrative management for individuals and small art organisations.  We auspice funding grants as well as non-funded projects and artistic income.  

Our role is to provide assistance with the day-to-day financial aspects of the project;  looking after budgets, payments, invoicing, payroll, superannuation, Workcover claims, GST/tax compliance. In addition we offer as much advice and support we can to the project and guide artists to the most likely source of funding and support.

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