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St Martins makes art because we believe adults have a lot to answer for, and children ask the best questions. We believe children inhabit the earth, not just inherit it. And so, we make work with and by children for adults.

Presentation comprises of:

- Large Interactions - Mainstage/Major Festival Presentations e.g. The Bacchae with Melbourne Festival. Made with the highest calibre adult artists, they are situated beyond the expectation of Youth Arts, with international standards of presentation.

- Small Interruptions - Site Specific, Participatory, Interventionist, Online – easily tourable and flexible works e.g. 16 Girls in Castlemaine State Festival. Multi-modal works that generate buzz and take quality art into all corners of society.

Participation comprises of:

- Congress - a youth-led think tank who act as our ‘children’s board’ and publicly represent the company. Uniquely, Congress activates critical discourse between children and the wider community via partnerships such as The Wheeler Centre and Melbourne Fringe Festival.

- Workshop programs (in a variety of locations across Victoria) for ages 5-18 - focuses on collaboration, group devising and award winning Inclusive Theatre techniques.

- In-school incursions to provide children and educators the skills and ability to use creative play to enhance learning of core curriculum.

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