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Founded in 1992, Snuff Puppets are a giant puppet company with an astounding body of work and performance experience behind them. Snuff Puppets approach to theater making is from a multi-art perspective. Our performances are a combination of spectacular visuals, live music and physical theater.

For over 22 years the company has delighted, disgusted, horrified, challenged and entertained crowds in Australia, China, Singapore, Europe, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan, Brazil. The greatest asset of the company is its multiplicity. This is what makes us unique.

We do more than just one thing. We have performances for indoor and outdoor venues, performances that can be used in parades and as roving works or to create huge outdoor spectacles. And we also perform our own stand-alone unique theatre shows. Snuff Puppets' workshop program is known as the People's Puppet Project (PPP). .

The program is a unique Community Cultural Development model in which community participants work intensively with Snuff Puppets to create and perform with their own puppets. The process encourages participants to investigate their dreams, personal stories and experiences, and to challenge their own expectations and understanding of the world. Snuff Puppets combine the elements of puppetry live music, visual and physical theatre to create a unique and idiosyncratic performance language, engineering puppet/audience collisions that leave both parties breathless.

Essential to our work are the Snuff Puppet trademark elements: a blackly dangerous humour, an incisive political satire, a shameless hand made visual aesthetic and a populist, joyous conflagration of art, audience and artist.

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