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Interrogating the intersections of music, sound and contemporary performance, CHAMBER MADE makes intimate works that defy, challenge and renegotiate artform boundaries, speaking directly to a 21st century Australia enriched by the meeting and intersection of cultures.

The company is led by acclaimed performance-maker and director Tamara Saulwick, whose works are defined by a deep, abiding engagement with sound and music. Saulwick’s distinctive style has developed over many years of dedicated collaborations with some of Australia’s leading music practitioners, positioning her perfectly to lead and shape Chamber Made’s complex and nuanced cross-artform work and creative processes.

Chamber Made brings new audiences to music, and new ways of experiencing music to our audiences. The company is renowned for cultivating adventurous collaborations between composers, sound artists, directors, performance-makers and media artists, disrupting and rewriting conventions to discover new forms of expression. Bringing contemporary composition and performance dramaturgy together in ever-shifting forms, our works have been presented in theatres, recital halls, lounge-rooms, galleries, on iPads and online.

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