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The City of Yarra was created in June 1994 following the Victorian Government's restructure of local government.
The new municipality merged the former councils of Collingwood, Richmond, Fitzroy (including North Carlton), and Northcote (Alphington and Fairfield, south of Heidelberg Road only.)

The traditional owners of the land are the Wurundjeri Aboriginal people who originally inhabited the area that is now known as Fitzroy, Richmond and Collingwood. Yarra continues to be an important meeting place for Aboriginal people in Victoria.

Yarra Fast Facts
Situated five kilometres from the heart of Melbourne
At 19.5 square kilometres, Yarra is one of Australia's smallest inner city municipalities
The residential population was 79,540 (in June 2010)
More than 34,600 households call Yarra home
More than 8700 businesses are located in Yarra
58,000 people work in Yarra
About 27% of Yarra's population was born overseas
Yarra residents are the biggest users of non-car transport to get to work in metropolitan Melbourne

Arts and Culture
At the heart of Melbourne's arts and cultural scene, Yarra is home to an exciting range of galleries, live music venues, performance spaces, artists and community festivals. Yarra Council plays a vital role in creating an environment in which arts and cultural activity can continue to flourish.

The Arts and Cultural Services Unit's mission is to work with communities, artists, organizations, business and government to achieve community well-being, economic strength and cultural vitality within Yarra, through involving local people, investing in local practice and supporting a shared sense of place.

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