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A unique, innovative and creative state needs a unique, innovative and creative Government arts agency. Arts Tasmania is that agency, responsibly for policy and planning for arts and culture in Tasmania. Arts Tasmania encompasses both the Departmental functions of the State arts agency and Secretariat functions for the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board in its peer assessment and policy development roles. It administers grants and loans distributed under the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board Act 1975 through a number of programs. arts@work is Arts Tasmania's industry development arm, charged with increasing the capacity of the arts sector and the viability of a career in the arts in Tasmania. It does this through a range of ongoing programs including the COLLECT Art Purchase Scheme, the public art commissions program and a professional development program as well as specific initiatives such as the cultural tourism projects smart map tasmania and ARTBIKES. Arts Tasmania is part of the Department of Economic Development Tourism and the Arts. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Funding arts@work Resources

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