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Ku Arts is the South Australian support organisation for Aboriginal art centres and artists. We have a twenty-year history of providing advocacy, support services, creative skills and professional development opportunities for artists and arts workers across all stages of their careers, in support of a strong and vibrant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts sector.

We have great aspirations for our Aboriginal art centres and communities and want to play a part in maintaining and celebrating culture in every part of our work. We know this is especially important for our young people- they are our future leaders. Through our work we wish to contribute to their creativity, health, wellbeing and hopes.

Ku Arts is an organisation that looks forward and outwards, building new relationships across sectors locally, nationally and internationally, while exploring new ways of doing and creating. Through this we also hope to spread the broader benefits of the arts and will think holistically as we do our work. We recognise that engaging in arts and cultural practice has positive wellbeing and economic benefits for artists and communities.

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