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Vitalstatistix is a South Australian contemporary arts organisation with a focus on the development of multidisciplinary artworks, which experiment with ideas, forms and engagement. We provide a site for big ideas and intimate experiences, for long-term development and hothouse intensity, for contemporary art and community life.

Each year Vitals offers a program of performance, residencies, projects, events, exhibitions, festival experiences, collaborations with like-minded makers and presenters, and initiatives for South Australian artists. Vitals is a feminist organisation and has a proud and continuing tradition of supporting women artists.

Seeing the creative process of artists, and participating in experimentation and social investigation, is the hallmark of Vitalstatistix. Our heritage-listed home the Waterside Workers Hall and location in Port Adelaide is sublimely suited to this endeavour, and it is a unique offer that the organisation makes to both artists and audiences of art.

Vitalstatistix aims to be a vibrant home on the Port River for Australian artists who are experimenting with and changing the world.

Vitalstatistix delivers a range of initiatives:
Our residency and development program, which supports creative development and premiere of new art and performance works.
Our annual lab/hothouse, supporting the development of new experimental, multidisciplinary art.
Adhocracy Residency
A residency-based project featured at Adhocracy where guest artists work with South Australian collaborators on a major new artwork.
Contemporary Communities
Multi-year projects that partner artists with non-artists to make new art and performance (current project Climate Century, until 2018).

Other partnerships
Each year we collaborate with organisations including Country Arts SA and St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival and like-minded organisations around Australia to develop new works.

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