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Success is now determined less by what you say and more by what others shout to the world about you. And that’s a major reason why you need to enter and win prestigious awards like these. 

Winning tells everyone, including time-hungry travellers, that your town, region or destination is a must-visit because you’ve impressed expert judges.  If those judges trust you with their award, then travellers know they can be confident in their decision to holiday in your area too. Winning also tells time-hungry decision-makers that the artist has recognised talent and experience operating in a professional environment.

The Australian Street Art Awards:

  • Expand the appeal of Australian towns, regions and destinations that have invested in publicly-accessible art
  • Promote Instgrammable destinations
  • Encourage travel beyond the capital cities, especially to winning regional and rural destinations
  • Enhance community pride in all nominees
  • Increase recognition of, and therefore employment opportunities for, artists.

Who Should Nominate?

  • Local Government Authorities
  • Local and regional tourism organisations
  • Destination marketing organisations
  • Chambers and business organisations
  • Progress Associations
  • Art organisations
  • Professional artists, private art businesses or agents
  • Utilities companies
  • Event organisers
  • Street art agents
  • Businesses​

 Joint submissions between one or more of the above and the artist/s are encouraged.  

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The Australian Street Art Awards are hosted and managed by Awards Absolute Pty Ltd. 

When it comes to Excellence Awards programs in Australia no one knows more and has more experience than the team at Awards Absolute.  It is Australia's first and only dedicated awards management company offering unmatched expertise, with 25 years of awards management.

Liz Rivers, our CEO, has over 20 years awards specific experience creating new awards programs, injecting old awards programs with new vigor and relevance, training judges, producing gala awards events. Liz knows from all sides what makes awards successful. Get to know Liz via LinkedIn.

Kim Morgan, our Director of Innovation, is a multi tourism award winner with 10 years awards experience. Kim has judged many international awards programs and is a proficient program manager of numerous online awards platforms and awards management software.​ Find out more about Kim on LinkedIn.

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