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Championing all contemporary art forms, the two core activities of the organisation are developing and co-presenting contemporary arts.

Within five stories of a heritage building in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, there are artists taking risks, creating, developing, experimenting, and presenting ambitious contemporary art. In addition to the artistic program Metro Arts supports the wider artistic community with low cost short and long term venue hire for creative businesses, photo shoots, rehearsals, exhibitions, performances, auditions, forums, celebrations and more.

Step inside our unique building in the Brisbane CBD and our Norman Park Substation and take a closer look at our artists pushing boundaries and creating exciting contemporary exhibitions and performance for you to see and experience.


  • Create and champion quality contemporary arts
  • Professionally and artistically develop, challenge and support artists
  • Nurture existing audience and develop new audiences
  • Unite artists and their work with these audiences


We believe that contemporary art forms are the cultural expression of the future, and that quality contemporary arts practice should challenge audiences and participants both emotionally and intellectually.

We build our organisation and programs around the following ideas:

  • A commitment to creative development generates sustainable arts practice and quality work.
  • Rigorous curatorial and critical frames create the best learning structure for the professional development of artists.
  • Creative, curatorial and critical rigour is central to the vibrancy of great Australian contemporary arts practice.
  • Quality contemporary arts practice generates significant ‘currency’ by challenging audiences and participants both emotionally and intellectually.

We are committed to:

  • The Arts – specifically Contemporary Arts – has the political, social and cultural power to transform people, both personally and collectively.
  • Lifelong Learning – to be open to new learning at any stage in life is central to our purpose.
  • Currency – what we do must matter and have the capacity to change us, our stakeholders and our audiences.
  • Agency – we empower our stakeholders to enact personal and collective change.
  • Collaboration – we empower each other through mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Rigor – everything we do is the most informed ‘best practice’.
  • Diversity – we seek to include everyone who wishes to be included and celebrate their difference.
  • Accountability and Transparency – what we do is clearly answerable to stakeholders.
  • Sustainability – that ‘we do, what we do, so we can do it again’ in a financially, emotionally healthy and environmentally conscious fashion.
  • Equality – of gender, diversity with regards to access to resources and opportunities.


  • Provide a rigorous curatorial and critical frame for a professional contemporary arts program, promoting hybridity in theatre, visual arts, music, dance, sound, live art, digital arts and spoken word.
  • Provide curatorial advice, space, time and subsidy for artists to experiment in a diverse creative context to develop sustainable practice.
  • Create a flexible curatorial structure through artist-led open calls balanced with ethical Strategic Projects that actively promote gender equality and diversity, including Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander artists, inter-generational initiatives, CALD artists, disabled and queer artists.
  • Extend our reputation for quality practice by promoting artists and their work nationally and internationally through strategic collaborations and co-presentations.
  • Feed our audiences’ appetite for contemporary art while developing new audiences through community engagement.
  • Maintain a stable and strategic business model through entrepreneurship and philanthropy to increase the organisation’s financial sustainability.
  • Implement strong policy for good governance and management with a view to maximizing the productivity of our staff, stakeholders, venue, and our organisation’s artistic and commercial potential.

Metro Arts acknowledges the traditional custodians of Brisbane, the Turrbal and Jagera people and their unique relationship with their ancestral country. We pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, and recognise their strength, wisdom and creativity.


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