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JUTE passionately engages others in the telling of new stories that stimulate the mind, revitalize the spirit & lift the heart.

Est. in Cairns in 1992, JUTE Theatre is a significant regional theatre company driving the development, co-production, national and international touring of contemporary Australian plays from the regions. JUTE passionately engages others in the telling of new stories that stimulate the mind, revitalize the spirit and lift the heart, providing a true sense of true belonging. Since 2004 JUTE Theatre has operated from its home at the Centre of Contemporary Arts - a significant regional infrastructure, funded by State Government.


VISION Regional theatre will be an energetic powerhouse of national and international collaboration and creation.

MISSION From its home in North Queensland, JUTE Theatre will develop and produce bold new work and will drive strategies to collaborate with a network of regional theatre companies, producers and venues to create and move new work from regional theatre makers across Australia and internationally.

COMMITMENT JUTE Theatre is committed to a flourishing regional theatre sector and drives strategies at local, state and national levels for the development of this sector. JUTE Theatre has a strong commitment to professional development for regional practitioners across the nation and provides opportunities to break down the isolation felt by these practitioners, leading to collaboration, co-productions and touring of new regional work. All work generated by JUTE Theatre and its co-producers starts with development of work through the annual script development programs. These multi award-winning programs support regional playwrights at a local, state and national level and use best practice models to ensure quality skills and script development with a view to eventual production of distinctive scripts.

THE FUTURE The future is exciting. JUTE Theatre believes there is a distinctiveness and validity of work taking place in regional centres that should stand beside metropolitan work, creating a rich ecology in the theatre sector. With 40% of Australia's population living in these regions, and as more people move to regional centres, the sector needs to be ready to take a significant role in nurturing the vibrancy of these communities. JUTE Theatre is a company that has the vision and the rigour to make regional theatre an energetic powerhouse of creation and collaboration.

What the artists say about JUTE...

"JUTE work is compelling, it's fresh, new and alive."

"Completey surprising to find such authentic quality Australian theatre in a tourist town known for reef and rainforest."

"The diversity of JUTE work never ceases to amaze me - every experience is different."

What the audience say about JUTE...

"Love, love, love Jute Theatre Company. I have seen 2 productions this year! Fantastic! Have only discovered this precious jewel that's been right under my nose. Can't wait for next year's performances."

"Jute Theatre Company is innovative and professional, providing entertaining and intelligent theatrical performances with topical local themes."

"This show was edgy risky enveloping. I felt I was a fly on the wall. Being a moving audience was an amazing practical and daring way to stage this play. Loved it."

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