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Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival - Gympie

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Held in richly historic Gympie, Australia from 5-7 October 2017, Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival (HOGISFF) is one of the gems in the crown of Australian short film festivals but we like to think it has extra sparkle thanks to its unique mission: To showcase well-crafted, nourishing and uplifting short films from around the world.

The four-day programme typically sees an opening night, gala awards evening, ‘filmmaker presents’ slots and up to 30 sessions cram-packed with about 120 short films from all genres that best capture HOGIFF’s vision to screen films that are: positive, witty, whimsical, entertaining, joyous, uplifting, quirky, enlightening, and ground breaking. They can be edgy, they can be thought-provoking and they can be downright hilarious – as long as they beat with a good heart!

The festival has become renowned for its high quality programme which is largely thanks to a very unique, methodical two-part screening system. All films are filtered through the festival’s artistic directors, and small groups of screeners that gather in lounge-rooms in Gympie, to review and score the countless submissions.

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