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Desart is the Association of Central Australian Aboriginal Art and Craft Centres. Art Centres are community-based enterprises which provide economic, social and cultural benefits. Desart member Art Centres are owned and managed by Aboriginal people in their own communities. Desart is a government-funded, not-for-profit Aboriginal Corporation. Desart works to: &#65533 Build respect for Aboriginal art and culture &#65533 Respond to the aspirations and needs of artists and artworkers across Central Australia &#65533 Strengthen the role of Art Centres as places for cultural maintenance and cultural development &#65533 Promote best practice in Aboriginal-owned Art Centres Desart's Mission Aboriginal artists are committed to sharing their culture with the world. Our mission is to support Central Australian Aboriginal artists and Art Centres working together in a vigorous, ethical Aboriginal arts industry. Desart's Values Desart is about everybody. We want everyone to know what is happening. We welcome many cultures, languages and stories. Everyone can have their say and everyone is treated with respect. Why Aboriginal Art Centres are so important: &#65533 All the Art Centres that belong to our organisation Desart are Aboriginal-owned and controlled. &#65533 The Art Centres are professionally managed to ensure ethical support for the production marketing and distribution of authentic Aboriginal art. &#65533 Maximum returns to Aboriginal families or organisations. &#65533 These Art Centres are a vital part of remote community life in Central Australia. &#65533 They provide much needed income and employment opportunities as well as being a focus for family connection, social and cultural activities and the means to celebrate Aboriginal identity. Purchasing art sourced from a Desart member Art Centre provides a guarantee that your artwork is authentic. Member Art Centres Aboriginal Art in Central Australia Desart News

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