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Founded by Marguerite Pepper in 1989, MPP is an independent production company based in Sydney Australia. MPP is dedicated to supporting artists and ensembles in the creation of their work, from inception through to production and touring, in Australia and internationally. Our house style is idiosyncratic. It sweeps across bold and original physical theatre, circus, contemporary dance, improvised music, comedy, indigenous music and dance - produced outdoor and indoor with style and distinction. The company works closely with many partners to realize the vision of our artists, from festivals and venues to government agencies and the corporate sector. Over the last twenty seven years, MPP has been at the forefront of national and international advocacy for Australia artists and ensembles, touring new and extant productions as well as producing large scale events, ceremonies and festivals world-wide. In addition the company is proud to have been involved in the programming and production of many corporate events where we play a curatorial role in the choice of artist and delivery. MPP is driven by the voices of our artistic collaborators and the company enjoys the challenge of finding new pathways to create work, subsidising the risk through the balance of artist and event management together with our creative consultancies. Check out our current tours. Contact Us About Us

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