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Launched in 1999, EP Australia addressed a gap in the recruitment market by providing a ‘horizontal’ industry-specific service within the creative industries – capable of delivering this vision through the in-industry experience of its founder & MD Patricia Powell-Hughes and subsequent team, all representing different parts of the entertainment industry in their previous careers. The teams unique insights and industry knowledge allowed the company to deliver candidates with more relevant experience, better cultural fit, and a genuine passion for the industries they worked in. 

Now almost two decades later, our placement success rate sits at a staggering 98%. We are the most trusted industry partner when it comes to connecting the best professional and creative talent to businesses within a variety of entertainment sectors; including broadcast, the Arts, media, film, sports, music and events.

Importantly, whilst maintaining our heritage business partnerships and connection to the industries, we also understand that the evolution and fast-changing digital landscape has created new technologies & opportunities to innovate, identify skills of the future, and acknowledge that there is no such thing as ‘traditional’ any more. The opportunities and pathways for creative and business talent alike to move across industry sectors is now more appealing than ever, as companies become their own storytellers and content creators.

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