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Diversity is the defining issue of our time. Unprecedented levels of human migration and ever-more connected digital networks have created a revolution in cross-cultural communication. Australia is one of the most multicultural nations on Earth, with one in four of us born overseas and over a third of us with at least one parents born overseas (ABS, 2015). This diversity is one of our greatest assets, it places us at the vanguard of the global movement towards cultural cross-pollination. And it will be the arts that help us to process and reflect upon this latest chapter in human evolution.

Diversity Arts Australia is Australia’s national voice for cultural diversity in the arts. We create conditions in which creators, producers, leaders and audiences reflect the complex and rich diversity of our nation. As the only national organisation committed to advancing cultural diversity across all art forms in Australia, Diversity Arts is unique. We support a creative, inclusive, and socially cohesive Australia. We advocate for an arts sector that has greater diversity of artists, content and audiences. We encourage a cultural life that involves and inspires diverse audiences through work that is relevant for them. And we support the creative sector to develop practical and strategic ways to make this happen. We believe in the values of social inclusion and creative expression and support the principles of the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity.

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