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PACT centre for emerging artists has a reputation for investment in the vision and careers of its artists that places it at the heart of a cultural landscape dependant on the next generation of creative visionaries. As a nodal point for emerging artists, engaged in new and interdisciplinary forms, PACT strengthens the capacity of its constituents through a refined artistic program and a strong system of partnership networks and exchange. PACT encourages artists to build new audiences and relationships by developing diverse approaches to engagement and interaction via site-specific, participatory and digital platforms.

PACT aims to remain responsive to its environment and the social behaviours of its constituents to best assist the growth of the sector and ensure the visibility of its artists. In order to achieve this PACT sees opportunities for deepening the training of its artists, broadening the experience of its audience, leveraging its resources to increase income and promoting PACT’s value by encouraging loyalty through investment and ownership by its community.

PACT provides the foundations and framework for emerging artists to develop diverse skill sets and feed the Australian performance ecology at the roots. The founding tenets on which PACT was built 50 years ago proudly remain the same today: to provide a space for artists where all aspects of experimental performance can converge in a vibrant and holistic community.

The PACT model is designed to nurture artists, working in experimental and interdisciplinary performance, through two core areas: dedicated creative/skills development and presentation platforms. These are augmented by encouraging risk taking; expanding cross-cultural expression and cementing networks and relationships. Guidance is integral and part of a holistic approach predicated on developing sustainable skills and promoting excellence for emerging artist’s careers. Within this framework, PACT engages a rich and inspirational network of associates, mentors and Alumni to share with, and invest in the vision of the artists and their work. PACT aims to remain responsive to the current climate and the needs of its constituents. It is this ability to continually audit the relevance of its programs that allows it to provide for the changing landscape of its contemporary artists and audiences.

The Artistic program is carefully considered to provide multiple access points for artists to enter the PACT network. It serves to provide internal pathways for emerging artists to grow and develop their practice while providing enough flexibility to pre-empt or respond to trends. It is designed to encourage emerging artists to engage with PACT programs over an average period of five years and to continue to return to programs over time as mentors, tutors, directors, consultants, facilitators and advocates.

The program consists of:

THE SPACE PROGRAM: Creative development of 5 new works supported through 1-week residencies and heavily discounted hire. 

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: Dedicated to training and creative development space over a calendar year. Access during off peak and pre negotiated times. Showcase presentation at end of residency. 

AROUND THE KITCHEN TABLE: A creative conversation 4 times a year for 4 artists/groups to work up concepts towards creative development of a new work. Mentoring may include matchmaking with collaborative artists, research references, practice process tips and artistic provocations. 

VACANT ROOM: Creative Development of 3 projects over a month with mentorship from Industry professionals over 4 weeks at PACT. Showings held in the final week. 

ENSEMBLE: Professional development program including training, devising, creative development and production of an original new work. Access is by audition. Program begins with week-long Bunanoon residency. Opportunity to work with established artists as trainers and devisors. The program culminates in a presentation platform. 

PACT PLATFORM: A responsive program supporting separate events/opportunities for emerging artists to showcase new work. This platform incorporates shortworks program; project showcase; masterclasses; 

PACT PRESENTS: PACT presents new work by emerging artists. This program supports local artists and micro tours.

TINY STADIUMS FESTIVAL: Erskineville village morphs into a site for 10 new live art works, including cross-artform installations, audience interventions and critical dialogue.

THE SATURDAY SESSIONS: Provides a space to engage in and promote critical dialogue, around practice and process. Sessions invite a selection of emerging and established artists to facilitate and interrogate the particular session theme in an open, inclusive and informal structure. 

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