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The UK and Australia share a rich ancestry. We also share common interests as two modern nations committed to openness, tolerance, innovation, prosperity and security in a global market for skills and ideas and a sometimes fractious world community where distrust is often rooted in misunderstandings about cultural differences.


The British Council is the UK's international organisation for education opportunities and cultural relations. We build relationships and understanding between people in the UK and Australia and increase appreciation of the UK's ideas and achievements. In Australia we run programmes designed to create opportunities for young Australians to visit the UK for education and professional development, to build links with people like them in the UK and to engage with the very best of contemporary UK creativity and innovation here in Australia.


We work in partnership with a range of Australian institutions, organisations, venues and festivals to develop an annual series of events, screenings, performances, exhibitions - showcasing the very best of contemporary UK arts and creative industries. We support some of the best contemporary UK artists to travel to Australia and give performances or collaborate with Australian artists. We support workshops, seminars and online events, connecting young Australians with contemporary UK. We develop opportunities for young Australians in the creative industries to travel to the UK for professional development.


We work in partnership with Australian institutions and organisations for national tours of UK speakers, public events including discussion and debate of current issues in science, aiming to engage people in dialogue, hypothetical and discussions with scientists, experts and non-experts alike.

FameLab is the British Council's annual science communication competition. It aims to discover charismatic early career scientists who can inspire people to see the world from new perspectives. They do this through short and sharp three minute presentations focused on their own area of research, while following the two cardinal rules of FameLab: no jargon and no PowerPoint. Props, however, are allowed and even encouraged to inject fun in to the presentations!

In Australia the competition is open to early career researchers completing postgraduate study and to those who are within five years of completing their postgraduate degrees. It is open to researchers working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

With a focus on training, professional development and presentation, FameLab also supports the British Council’s broader strategic priority to bridge science, society and the arts.

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