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The Bell Shakespeare vision is to create theatre that allows audiences of all walks of life to see themselves reflected and transformed through the prism of great writing.


Shakespeare's legacy to successive generations is his firm faith in human potential. His writing challenges us to reach beyond our grasp and gives us the wherewithal to imagine our future. If we can learn anything from Shakespeare and the great writers of our past, it is that we hold within ourselves the power to make choices about who we want to be. Bell Shakespeare believes that our greatest resource is our capacity to imagine and to transform: to picture a different world, to know that it can be one of our own making - and that we can be both its creator and a character within it.


To prove that Shakespeare and the great works are not an end in themselves but a means by which we can explore our most heartfelt concerns and our collective aspirations. To acknowledge our historical background and embrace our cultural future: to find the point at which our past and future intersect and to hold the gaze of this defining moment. To value the transcendent beauty and complexity of Shakespeare's ideas, language and imagery: to identify the poetry of our times. To use Shakespeare as Australians - as a vehicle for self-scrutiny and recognition: to make work that is of us, for us and about us. To create work that challenges received artistic conventions and tests the elasticity of our practice. To embody the strongest social values in everything we do.

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