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The International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) is the global network of arts councils and ministries of culture, with member organisations in over 70 countries.

The IFACCA Secretariat provides services, information and resources to member organisations and their staff - from senior executives and policy makers, to researchers, grant makers and administrators - as well as the wider community.

Our vision is a world in which arts and culture thrive and are recognised by governments and peoples for their contribution to society. Our purpose is to support members to succeed and be a global voice advocating for arts and culture.

IFACCA's core objectives fall into three areas of work:

  • Networking
  • Knowledge and Data
  • Capacity Development

Interrelated and complementary, these core functions generate a range of outputs – from events and tailored programmes to international dialogue and informed commentary. Underpinning this delivery approach is IFACCA’s commitment to responsiveness. That means being aware of the contexts and interests of our diverse membership of government and cultural agencies; engaging with key partners and civil society on critical matters affecting arts and cultural policy; and seeking innovative and efficient ways to fulfil our purpose.

The Strategic Plan ensures that we deliver our objectives for members and the sectors they represent; it also reflects our aspirations and contributions to the international arts and culture community. Since IFACCA was established in 2001, our Strategic Plan has been reviewed every three years, informed by a wide range of analysis, consultation, discussion and direct feedback from our members.

In 2015, we marked our fifteenth year operating in the arts and cultural policy field, and embarked on a new phase as a mature, trusted service organisation that is regarded internationally for excellent work by members and partners alike. We aspire to continue to deliver the highest quality services to members, and to act as a global voice for the arts and culture. To achieve these goals, In 2015, IFACCA released its Strategic Plan 2015-2020, which outlined how the Secretariat would provide high-quality services and value to members. In 2017, under new leadership and with a fresh approach, the Secretariat reviewed its progress to date and identified opportunities for improvement. The review was informed by an in-depth consultation with members, to which 78 percent of National Members actively contributed.The Revised Strategic Plan 2018–2020 will advance our vision and create a pathway to our organisation’s twentieth anniversary in 2020.  

Full details of the Strategic Plan are available in EnglishSpanish and French.

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