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At the heart of Big hART's approach is a simple idea..."it's much harder to hurt someone if you know their story".

Big hART is Australia’s leading arts and social change company; one of the country’s most prolific producers of critically and publicly acclaimed performing, visual, and media art.

Big hART’s unique approach leverages national and international successes to bring focus to the issues faced by the communities it works with who are often experiencing disadvantage, thus spearheading social policy change.

Big hART works towards social inclusion, citizenship and participation, and these fundamental ideas underpin all of the organisation's work. Big hART believes that complex problems require complex solutions and there is no one size fits all response to the issues faced by marginalised communities.

Those on the margins of the community are given the opportunity to be involved in a task focused, non-welfare project as part of a large and experienced team, to deliver a high profile arts outcome. This event will harness the groups’ skill set and the social issues of the community they are part of. The range of activities and mentoring provide the opportunity for these individuals to gain new skills and to positively alter their social and economic trajectory.

Big hART operates cross 3 platforms:

  • A non-welfare arts-based community development project over a minimum of 150 weeks, providing a range of activities and mentoring for participants, that create the opportunity to reconsider questions of identity and social trajectory
  • A high-quality art outcome based on participants’ stories and that of the community they are part of
  • Ongoing social policy engagement, which leverages off the status of the art, and that relates to stories from the community in focus.

The art made, the skills and participation involved in making it, and the narrative it highlights, all affect the identity of local community, and when presented intelligently in national forums, help change the way others view this group’s story.
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