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Photo: Daniam Chou, Unsplash. Hong Kong cityscape at night with brightly lit skyscrapers seen across the harbour.

Hong Kong engages arts and cultural institutions across the globe

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority will sign MOUs with 21 institutions and present an array of events as part…


Lunar New Year events guide 2023

Celebrate a special Lunar New Year with two fluffy zodiacs at these arts festivals and events across Australia.

Woman in Australian bush with Victorian dress and rabbit headdress..
Career Advice

Curating in COVID: challenges and wins

From Zoom installations to virtual media calls, curator Natalie King talks about curating an international exhibition mid-pandemic.


Yoko Ono sued over fashion copyright

Yoko Ono is being sued by Brooklyn designer Haleh Nematzadeh for allegedly stealing her fashion designs.


Japan reopens kabuki theatre with high-tech makeover

Thousands of people gathered in Tokyo to celebrate the reopening of the Kabukiza Theatre.


Japan prints the world’s smallest book

Japan has broken the Guinness World Record for the world’s smallest book, creating a book with pages the size of…


Maestro Seiji Ozawa makes a comeback

Legendary Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa has chosen the Saito Kinen Festival to return to the stage after a 12-month absence.


Japanese town wants underwear on David statue

Residents in a Japanese town are calling for underwear to be placed on a replica of Michelangelo’s David sculpture.


Japanese Literature awards split between generations

This year Japan's two highest literary honours were given to the oldest and youngest recipients.


Japanese artist fights tattoo discrimination

In Japan, tattoos are most commonly associated with the dark and dangerous criminal underworld, but one Japanese tattooist hopes to…