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Film review: Richard Mosse: Broken Spectre

A moving image work highlighting the silent destruction of the Amazon rainforest that deserves everyone’s attention.


Google launches urban art map to connect graffiti artists to free walls

Project ‘Color + City’ connects free walls to graffiti artists in Sao Paulo.


Brazilian preacher sells 1 million copies of book

A book by controversial Brazilian preacher Bishop Edir Macedo has sold one million copies in Brazil.


Rio de Janeiro opens new art museum

Rio de Janeiro’s newest art museum recently opened to the public with four new exhibitions.


Cirque du Soleil choreographer to direct Brazil World Cup ceremonies

Cirque du Soleil choreographer Franco Dragone will direct the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


Band and owner arrested after music venue fire kills 235 in Brazil

Two members of a band and the music venue owner have been arrested after a fire in the Brazilian venue…


Brazilian workers receive $25 a month to spend on culture

Brazilian workers are set to receive a cultural stipend of $25 a month.


Escher exhibition is world’s most popular

Since the Brazilian Escher exhibition is found to be the world’s most popular art show, experts have endeavored to find…

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Children Of The Revolution

Some would argue that world-renowned writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the patriarch of the Latin American family literary tree. And…