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Gordon Darling Foundation Visual Arts Grant


The Gordon Darling Foundation is a perpetual public charitable trust, established in 1991 to "support Australia-wide, activities of importance in the Visual Arts."

It will give priority to exhibitions of Australian, Asian, Pacific or other international art, or those of significant local importance.

It will assist with the costs of research, travel, publication, and the dissemination of knowledge and the enjoyment of all aspects of the visual arts to the widest possible audience.

The Foundation is normally prepared to support well-conceived projects of all kinds in the Visual Arts (other than capital works).

The Foundation encourages applications from all over Australia.

Who can apply?

The Foundation can only provide funding to Public Institutions in Australia. Applicant organisations must have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

Individuals wishing to apply for funding for projects must partner with a Public Institution which then takes on responsibility for the project.

The Trustees will normally award only one application per organisation in any twelve-month period. Darling Travel Grants are considered a separate funding stream and do not preclude an organisation from applying for or receiving a grant.

What we do

Funding may be provided for:

  • catalogues and publications
    • that are scholarly, preferably with well-researched new information.
    • that provide a permanent record of an exhibition, collection, or work of an artist or movement.
    • that are not souvenir or promotional publications.
  • marketing or promotional costs will only be funded if they aim to reach new audiences, especially young audiences.
  • professional education initiatives, including individual professional development.
  • collection management initiatives, including database development and conservation.
  • research projects leading to the recognition and publication of material of significance.
  • internationally known speakers for symposia.

Preference will be given to catalogue and publication projects which will tour a cluster of venues, sharing costs, staff and experience.

NB. Applications for international travel should only be made through the Darling Travel Grant Global Program - see Application Procedures below.

What we don't do

The Foundation usually does not fund:

  • capital works, acquisitions, prizes or commissions.
  • general or core operational activities.
  • retrospective funding.
  • recurrent funding of a project.
  • publications to be given away.
  • publications which for reason of cost, size or audience, we believe will not sell.
  • major publications which largely replicate existing publications.
  • "vanity publications", whether of the institution, author or subject of the application.
  • catalogues for commercial exhibitions.

Other funding criteria

The Foundation will consider funding projects that provide new or increased audience access to the visual arts.

Projects will be expected to attract considerable public exposure (applications should include details).

The Foundation may be the sole grant provider, the lead donor, or a participant in a collaborative funding with other private and/or public donors.

The Foundation will not normally support projects that have been almost fully funded from other sources.

By publishing these guidelines, the Foundation aims to encourage a high standard of application.

Application procedures

General Grant Program

  1. Read these guidelines to ensure that your project is a good fit.
  2. Contact the Gordon Darling Foundation to request the current year's application form:
    Phone: 03 9820 3168, Email: gdarling@bigpond.net.au
    Administrators: Sherrie Antonio / Alister Shew
  3. Applicants should phone the Foundation to discuss their proposed application prior to submission.
  4. Applications must be submitted by mail in hard-copy on the current year's form, along with any supporting material, postmarked on or before the closing date.
  5. The application form must also be emailed (in the original Microsoft Word format) to gdarling@bigpond.net.au by the closing date (supporting material is not required with the email copy).
  6. Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by email

Submissions will be examined by the Trustees of the Foundation three times a year in March, June and October.

The application closing dates for 2020 are 7 January, 31 May and 23 September.

Applications close
23 Sep 2020
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