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Production Investment

This program seeks to increase production activity in Tasmania, in order to build industry sustainability, generate employment, and increase revenue streams for production companies.

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What is the program?

This program provides a one-off equity investment for the production of children’s and adults’ animation, feature films, television drama and documentary or factual projects.

Screen Tasmania reserves the right to vary these guidelines as necessary. In exceptional circumstances, Screen Tasmania also reserves the right to waive some requirements.

What is funded?

Projects eligible for investment include live action or animation:

  • feature film (drama or documentary)
  • television drama (series, miniseries and telemovies)
  • factual projects, including documentary (series and stand-alone one-offs)
  • narrative projects for online platforms, and
  • games and interactive projects seeking investment of $30 000 or more.

[For production support for games and interactive projects under $30 000, please see Games development.]

What is offered?

A minimum of $30 000 production investment on an equity basis pro-rata with all other investors.

Funds are competitive, with projects assessed on a case-by-case basis. Screen Tasmania cannot guarantee applicants will in every case receive the maximum funding available.


In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria detailed in the General Guidelines, the applicant must be:

  • a company incorporated in Australia, which is carrying on business in Australia and has its central management and control in Australia
  • the producer and holder of the appropriate rights to produce the project.

For a short-form series, digital or interactive project, or for post-production investment, the applicant must be a Tasmanian resident production company. Non-Tasmanian production companies may apply for investment in all categories apart from digital, interactive, and post-production, however you are encouraged to form a genuine partnership with a Tasmanian resident company, as projects involving Tasmanian production companies will be favoured over others.

The project must:

  • have the majority of finance in place, with bona-fide finance partners and evidence of firm marketplace commitment, and a strong likelihood of securing remaining finance
  • be an Australian project or an official Australian co-production (where possible you must document this by providing provisional co-production approval or Producer Offset provisional documentation from Screen Australia)
  • Undertake a substantial amount of production and/or post-production within the state.

Screen Tasmania will consider post-production investment in Tasmanian projects that are at rough-cut stage, but only if:

  • firm market commitment is demonstrated
  • best endeavours to complete the majority of work within Tasmania is demonstrated.

The following project personnel are mandatory:

  • Attachment places provided at the applicant's cost of at least:
    • one Tasmanian attachment to a key creative position and at least one Tasmanian attachment to another crew position on drama productions (including dramatised documentary)
    • one key creative Tasmanian attachment on documentary and animation productions.

Mandatory attachments must be engaged by the production company for no less than $800 in gross wages per five-day week plus relevant fringes including workers compensation and superannuation for a minimum of 20 days. These costs can be included in eligible Tasmanian expenditure.

Funding for other (non-mandatory) attachment places or taineeships is available under Screen Tasmania’s Traineeships and attachments program, except when a production uses attachments to make up a Tasmanian spend shortfall.

If additional Tasmanian attachments are the applicant's cost (i.e. not through the Screen Tasmania's Traineeships and attachments program), they will count double towards Tasmanian spend.

Successful applicants will be required to conduct at least one casting session in Tasmania at their cost for Tasmanian actors to audition for a level of roles no less than that of minor speaking roles.

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05 Aug 2019
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