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John Truscott Design Fellowship

The John Truscott Design Fellowship is a partnership of the John Truscott Design Foundation and the University of Melbourne. The Fellowship is awarded to a scholar or writer to prepare a manuscript biography of John Truscott (1936 – 1993), known for his celebrated, multi-faceted career covering numerous creative disciplines.

The John Truscott Design Foundationand the University of Melbourne wish to celebrate the life and contribution of John Truscott in a biography that brings to life his energy and skill. The manuscript should inspire others with creative talent to pursue careers that can make a difference. It needs to capture the skillful way that Truscott managed his many projects, and the political interests that surrounded them, most of which would have proved too daunting for other designers and directors.

While the John Truscott Design Foundation wishes the project to celebrate the life and contribution of John Truscott, by looking back, it is essential that the project is not simply a retrospective ‘remember when’ manuscript. It is important to place Truscott’s contributions in an historical context, a contemporary context and demonstrate how they continue to resonate and influence the cultural life of Melbourne.


This is a $25,000 Fellowship.


Applications close Sunday 19 May 2019.



Applicants must submit an Application Form, and provide a CV and a project proposal of 600 words or less, with the full application of 1300 words.

Application forms and further information are available at

The selection criteria are:

  • the excellence of the proposal, judged by originality and significance; and
  • the track record of the applicant, judged by successfully completed projects, publications, references and impact.


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Applications close
19 May 2019
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