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Alastair Swayn Research Grants

Applications are now being accepted for Alastair Swayn Research Grants!

Applications will close Monday 24th May 5:00pm AEST.

Alastair Swayn Research Grants are awarded to successful applicants to conduct research that align with one or more of our Guiding Principles.

These grants intend to award funds to a broad spectrum of research projects into architecture and design. Proposals must demonstrate they align with one or more of the Foundation’s Guiding Principles.

Areas of consideration include, but are nit limited to:

  • Landscape architecture
  • Industrial design
  • Heritage preservation/ restoration
  • Adaptive re-use (architecture, product design)
  • Designing for accessibility


Successful grantees are required to author a comprehensive research paper to be provided to the Foundation for publication on our website. The Foundation would expect grantees to produce a comprehensive research paper relative to the funding amount.

A project may also have complimentary output such as public presentations, further publications or an exhibition, but the main deliverable/s of your project must adhere to our Open Access Policy (available on the Grants page) and be made available to the public via Swayn Open Research.

The Foundation will consider modifications to the research output based on evaluation of the unique subject and scope of successful proposals. This will generally be accepted in the form of equivalent output such as, but not limited to, other written work, digital media, podcasts, online exhibitions etc.

Project Timeframes:

Successful candidates for the Research and Strategic Grants are expected to complete their research and deliver their grant material to the Foundation for publication within a six (6) month timeframe, from the signed date on the grant agreement.

*Please note, due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions, the Foundation will be open to extending this timeframe to account for the needs of projects impacted by government restrictions. The Foundation will enter a discussion with effected grantees to agree to reasonable and appropriate extensions for projects that would otherwise be disadvantaged by the mandated timeframe.

Applications close
24 May 2021
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