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BrightLights Projection Commission and Workshop

Every night, visitors to Wagga Wagga’s Wollundry Lagoon precinct are treated to a presentation of artistic content on one of the nation’s largest permanent projection surfaces.

After sundown each night, the 50 x 8m facade of the Wagga Wagga Civic Centre presents a year-long program of commissioned projection art, which can be seen by park users and pedestrians on the Wollundry Lagoon Bridge.

Each year a significant Australian projection artist is commissioned to create a site-specific work (‘The BrightLights Commission’), to lead the BrightLights Projection Workshop where young and emerging Riverina artists gain new skills and explore their creative ideas, and the BrightLights Talk, where the artist’s work and process are shared with the wider public.

Previous BrightLights artists are Cindi Drenan (2015), Andrew Hagan (2016), Heidrun LÓ§hr and Hans Bildstein (2017) and Beck Storer (2018).

For more information about BrightLights and other public art initiatives including our annual NightLights commission, see the Enliven Public Art Plan 2017–2021 at publicartwagga.com.au

The BrightLights Commission

The successful artist will produce an original projection work that meets our technical requirements, which will be acquired by Wagga Wagga City Council and screened as part of our annual projection program.

  • The artwork should be based on the ideas and concepts developed in the workshops, utilising work produced during the workshop.
  • The artwork must contribute to the visual interest of the precinct.
  • The artwork should not portray or depict material in a way which discriminates against or vilifies a person or section of the community on account of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, disability, mental illness or political belief.
  • The work must be suitable for general audiences.
  • The work should demonstrate artistic excellence.
  • The artist must supply evidence of a public liability policy with coverage to at least $20,000,000. A list of insurance providers is provided on Page 9 of this document.

The projection wall is a perforated surface, which results in poor duplication of low-contrast and darker colours. Our experience is that commissions featuring bright content and a dark background tend to be the most successful.

The BrightLights Projection Workshop

Participants of the BrightLights Workshop will learn new skills in the digital arts, and receive assistance to develop their own creative output. The workshop must occupy three consecutive days, and will take place within the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery’s E3 art space. The workshop should impart skills relating to concept development (aesthetic and thematic) and digital production.

The BrightLights Talk

The successful artist will give a BrightLights Talk, a presentation of their work and process to the general public during the course of their time in Wagga Wagga, at a time and location which will be negotiated with Wagga Wagga City Council.

Download the EOI Guidelines and apply at www.publicartwagga.com.au/apply

Applications close
07 Jan 2019
Up to $10,000
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Audience development
Community Partnership
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