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Live Music and Performance

We’re a strong supporter of live music and performance.

We’ve expanded our business support program to include funding for new and existing live music and performance venues. 

The new live music and performance grant provides support for capital investments to introduce or improve related programming.

The grant aims to increase the quantity and quality of live music and performance venues in our area.

It also aims to improve the acoustic performance and suitability of live music and performance venues.


Who can apply

The program is open to not-for-profit and for-profit organisations as well as businesses in our local area


What you can apply for

You can apply for up to $30,000 matched cash funding for projects.

You must demonstrate your own cash contribution equal to the funds requested from us. 

You are welcome to apply for multiple distinct projects, either in the same round or over time. The grants program can't support projects retrospectively. Please ensure your project commences after the eligible start date.


What the funding covers

Funding is available to existing and new venues for capital investments (such as works or equipment) that will:

  • help venues manage sound transfer to surrounding properties, or improve audience experience
  • allow a business to introduce new live music or performance programming
  • help an existing venue improve or significantly expand their existing programming
  • improve the in-venue health and safety of audiences, performers and venue staff.  


What you need to show

Priority is given to applications that provide clear evidence of the issues they are facing, as well as a sound strategy for addressing them.

You will need to show:

  • the ability and experience necessary, and a thorough understanding of best practice, to undertake the project
  • business planning to support a financially sustainable live music or performance program
  • how your programming will contribute to the goals of your business, as well as the cultural or economic character of the neighbourhood
  • willingness to meet with the City’s planning team if planning consent is needed
  • an ability to complete the project within 12 months of the funding approval date, unless otherwise agreed.


Key dates


There are 2 grant rounds a year. 

Funding is available for 1 year only.


How you can apply


The City’s grants and sponsorship programs are competitive.

Please read our grants and sponsorship guidelinesbefore you apply.


Demonstrating the need for your project 


There are many types of evidence that will help demonstrate why your project is important. These could include:

  • Sound – acoustic reports, evidence of neighbourhood amenity complaints, artist or audience feedback.
  • Capital investments to introduce or expand programming – market research, demographic data, audience feedback, letters of support from relevant industry representatives or industry/precinct associations
  • Health and safety – evidence of prior incidents in your venue or in other similar venues, industry research, letters of support from relevant industry representatives or industry/precinct associations.

For general advice on how to start your application, talk to the City’s Strategy Advisor – Live Music and Performance.

They may also recommend other professional advice, such as from an acoustic consultant.


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22 Jul 2019
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