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Win one of three small business grants worth $2200!

In Australia, small businesses everywhere have borne the brunt of the COVID pandemic’s effect from hospitality, retail, professional services, trades and many other industries. When there is a negative effect across small business, the ripple effects make things harder for the rest of us. After all, Australian small businesses account for 94% of all businesses, generate 35% of our GDP, and represent 44% of our entire workforce.

Ensuring their success means stronger industries and a stronger Australia. We can’t predict how the next few months or the rest of the year will pan out. But, we’ll do what we can to support small businesses so we can come out of this crisis stronger together.

That’s why we’re launching the MessageMedia Small Business Grants!

What it’s about

MessageMedia’s Small Business Grants aim to give a boost to small businesses with a prize package that includes free financial support and free messaging services.

Throughout COVID, we have seen a surge in businesses using SMS to communicate and market more effectively in response to constantly changing market dynamics. 

Monetary prizes will only get small businesses so far. We believe that your business can do so much more with finance PLUS access to premium messaging services and support that connect you with your customers and clients to rebuild and revitalise your business. 

SMS can help drive new sales, improve customer service, collect feedback, connect with communities and more. The goal here is to help your business to thrive sustainably.

What you can win

There are 3 small business grants up for grabs. Each grant includes:

  • $1,000 Visa debit card to spend on anything your business needs
  • 6-month subscription to MessageMedia’s Pro SMS package
  • Ongoing support, assistance and expertise in setting up and using SMS

Make sure to read our T&Cs. Entries open July 7th and close August 14th, so get in quick. The winners will be announced on August 21st via SMS.

How to enter

Forget the long forms and tedious application processes! We’ve made it as easy as possible for any small business to enter and win.

All you have to do is tell us in 160 characters/50 words or less (the same length as an SMS) what you would do with the prize package of $1000 and 6 months of premium bulk SMS.

We’re eager to see your creativity and ingenuity here when it comes to how you will use SMS so make sure it shines in your answer!

I’m ready to win!

Have a question? Email us at

Helpful tips for your application

  • Not sure how to employ SMS in your business? Check out our use cases and blog.
  • Want to see how other businesses are using SMS? Read our case studies.
  • Does my small business qualify? See ASIC for what qualifies as a small business.
  • Tips to win? We’re looking for small businesses who want to find new and exciting ways to use SMS to benefit their business.
Applications close
14 Aug 2020
Up to $2,200
All artforms
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Market development
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