Community Arts and Cultural Development (Arts Organisations)

Community Arts and Cultural Development (arts organisations) is one of three programs to be delivered as part of the $1 million Community Arts and Cultural Development Fund.

This initiative supports Tasmanian arts organisations to partner with communities to develop and deliver community arts and cultural development (CACD) activities with and for communities.

These activities should be focused on developing meaningful and relevant work through inclusive collaborations with artists and community members.

Activities should also benefit Tasmanian artists and arts workers.

Opens: 1 May 2021
Closes: 5 July 2021

Notification will occur within ten weeks of the closing date.

For activities commencing after 1 December 2021.


This initiative supports:

  • Arts organisations based in Tasmania

Applicants must meet Arts Tasmania’s general eligibility requirements.

Applications will not be accepted from:

  • Local Government entities (councils)
  • Organisations with existing multi-year funding agreements with Arts Tasmania

The following organisations are in receipt of administered funding from the Tasmanian Government and are not eligible to apply to this initiative:

  • Ten Days on the Island
  • The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
  • The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
  • The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
  • The Theatre Royal Management Board

What can I apply for?

Tasmanian arts organisations can apply for up to $80 000 towards CACD activities that include partnerships with Tasmanian artists and strong engagement with the broader community.

Arts Tasmania expects that arts professionals are paid fairly for their work and has developed artist remuneration guidelines for anyone employing or engaging professional artists. Organisations should include artist fees in application budgets.

Equipment cannot be covered by grant funds.

Applications close
05 Jul 2021
Amount Upon Application
All artforms
Grant Type
Audience development
Community Partnership
Early Career Artists
Market development
New work
Presentation & Promotion
Skills development
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