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Chosen allows First Nations communities to take control and plan for how they will nurture younger people from their community/sector in the arts and/or culture. Chosen  sets out to reinvigorate the cultural practice of master apprentice relationships and mentorships within the arts community and sector, successful projects will facilitate intergenerational transfer of knowledge.

This is an opportunity for First Nations communities, elders and senior artists to identify in which areas younger people need to be skilled up and how to do so.  This could be younger people undertaking apprenticeships or residencies with senior bosses, leaders and practitioners in cultural expression. The goal is to have the best experts as mentors bring up the selected, promising younger artists and building the artists of the future.


This initiative is open to First Nations Individuals, groups and organisations.

Assessment criteria

1.  The cultural integrity of the project​

  • Adherence to relevant cultural protocols​
  • Evidence of considered consultation and engagement with participants, audiences and communities​

2.  The skills and strengths of communities and individuals involved in the activity​

  • Artistic merit of the project ​
  • Artistic and Cultural experience of senior people​
  • Quality of work previously produced​

3. Support of younger people throughout the project​

  • Clear indication of how young people will be involved​
  • Models of apprenticeship, mentoring or guided instructions​

4. The benefits and engagement of the activity for the individuals, community and the artform/s involved

  • Clear need for this activity at this time​
  • Relevance and timeliness of activities to the community​
  • Capacity to strengthen skills and ability of artists/communities

5. The viability of your activity​

  • Partnerships and/or long-term sustainability​
  • Effective use of resources with realistic and achievable planning​
  • Level of confirmation of proposed activities and partners​
  • Clear outline of income, expenses and in-kind contributions​
  • Costed project budget activities

Assessment process

Applications will be assessed by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Strategy Panel in March 2020 and notification end of March 2020.

Support material

  • Brief bio or curriculum vitae (CV) for yourself and any additional artists or key collaborators involved in the project
  • Written evidence of support and ongoing participation of at least three senior Indigenous people with authority in the community or arts sector ​ 
  • Letters of support 

Our preferred method of receiving support material is via URLs (web links). You can submit URLs which many include video, audio, images and written material.

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