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New work

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$10,000 - $15,000

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Group (Not incorporated)





Creativity Australia

With One Voice - Seed Funding

Time is running out to get a $10,000 start-up fund for your new choir. We have three final grants to approve and provide to the local community before 1 June

Creativity Australia is offering Seed Funding grants of up to $10,000 for communities to start a With One Voice (WOV) Local Franchise.

The With One Voice Local Franchise program is about partnering with Local organisations and people to create With One Voice choirs in their own communities. We are creating a network of choirs around the country who are committed to bringing the joy of song and the neuroscientific  benefits of group singing to all.

All Local Franchises are made possible and seed funding made available through generous financial support from Government, Trusts and Philanthropy and the program as a whole is administered from a small but committed Head Office team based in Melbourne Victoria.

In order to maintain our network and ensure professional and positive operations we require ALL Local Franchises to be supported by a local incorporated organisation. Individuals cannot apply. This Community Partner will sign a MOU with Creativity Australia for an initial 2 years to support the choir and its committee to establish and thrive.

“Receiving a ‘With One Voice’ grant has given Arrabri Community House an amazing opportunity to engage with such a diverse range of people in our community. Introducing a choir has been a breath of fresh air for our community house, being able to engage with community members that may not have otherwise used our organisation. The choir is not just about singing together and having fun. All of life’s worries are left at the door, a wonderful escape from the stresses of life as the therapy of song works its magic.”

 Arrabri Community House – Bayswater With One Voice Choir 

The WOV movement is about strengthening communities and inspiring individuals to find their voice. We believe empowered individuals and supportive communities are better placed to solve society’s big challenges including cross-cultural integration, mental illness, inter-generational connection, loneliness and isolation, family fragmentation and more.

The WOV movement is more than just singing. It is an opportunity to create real connections between the diverse people in your community. It is about reaching out to those who are experiencing disadvantage and bringing them together with those more advantaged in our community to communicate, connect and develop understanding.

A WOV Local Franchise choir may just be what your community needs to re-connect.


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